Litho DK30


30W Holmium desktop system for Lithotripsy

Litho DK30 surgical unit is a desktop device based on Holmium (Ho: YAG) laser with emission at 2100nm wavelength offering a wide selection of settings for the treatment of stones and soft tissue surgery, together with high versatility, cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

This wavelength is highly absorbed by water and biological tissue providing excellent cutting, ablation and haemostatic properties. The limited radiation penetration (0.3 - 0.4mm) results in minimal damages to surrounding tissue.

Litho DK30 device can be operated with a large range of fibres, depending on the application, flexibility and settings required. Litho DK30 automatically adjusts the emission settings based on fibre diameter and selected mode.

Apart from urology treatments, this device can be used in the resection and ablation of different soft tissues. The compact desktop design simplifies its positioning in the OR and storage, making it suitable also for transportation between different hospitals and wards.

Strong Points
  • Effective Lithotripsy Reduced Depth of Penetration High Versatility
  • The limited depth of penetration (0.3-0.4mm), together with the incision and haemostasis properties of this radiation, enables a large variety of surgical treatments. Litho device can perform effective soft tissue surgery in other medical specialties, including General Surgery, Arthroscopy and ENT
  • A reliable, durable and cost-effective laser solution
  • Litho DK30 automatically adjusts emission settings based on the connected fibre diameter
  • Compact Design
  • Quick ROI
  • Proximity Sensor

Litho DK30 can be used to perform incision, excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation and haemostasis of soft tissue and in lithotripsy of stones in various medical specialties, including:


      TUMOR (Bladder, UUT)


  • High Power: Up to 30W, for fast tissue incision
  • High Pulse Energy: Up to 4J, for the fragmentation of the hardest stones
  • High Frequency: Up to 25Hz, for fast low energy ablation
  • Large Pulse Width Range: Up to 1500µs, for superior Dusting lithotripsy
  • Flexibility: High power also with small fibre
  • 4 Emission modes
  • 6 Fibre Diameters
  • 4 fibre types

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