The Power of Combined Action


SmartXide2 DOT/RF is a Multifunctional CO2 Laser Empowered with Radiofrequency (RF) Source and CO2 Scanner with Bipolar Radiofrequency.

Laser Surgery has become a powerful and indispensable instrument in dermatology. DEKA SmartXide2 DOT/RF can be equipped with the HiScan DOT/RF scanner system using the combined action of CO2 laser with Radiofrequency (RF) which is an innovative action for a variety of Dermatological Procedures and Aesthetic Procedures.

The phenomenon at the basis of laser applications is the conversion of laser energy into heat. The most reliable and effective laser source in this field is the CO2 laser – it guarantees a complete control of the vaporisation depth at all times while performing delicate and precise superficial ablations on numerous dermatological lesions.

Increasingly more accurate pulse management enables optimisation of the release of heat to the tissues, minimising undesirable side effects (scarring and dyschromic effects), and preserving the adjacent perilesional areas, which signifies rapid and efficacious re-epithelisation.

SmartXide2 DOT/RF with RF CO2 laser source and equipped with the exclusive proprietary PSD® technology makes it possible to have complete control of duration, energy and shape of each pulse. With Smart-Pulse (SP), DEKAPulse or D-Pulse and HighPulse (HP) the user always has the best solution for all patient needs in skin treatments.

HiScan DOT/RF is an innovative and exclusive scanning system developed for aesthetic treatments and Dermatology. It introduces for the very first time the combined action of CO2 laser and bipolar RF.  The synergy between the two energies allows the HiScan DOT/RF to selectively reach all the skin layers. This generates a perfectly controlled heating of both the surface tissues and the deeper layers, with a rapid and efficacious action that gives excellent results with quicker recovery time and less downtime with enormous benefits to the patient.

SmartXide2 corrects skin imperfections and counteracts the effects of ageing. Radiofrequency enhances the effects of a CO2 treatment by remodelling tissue in-depth, toning flabbiness and stimulating fibroblast activity to produce new collagen.

Strong Points
  • Application Fields: Aesthetics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery
  • Scanning patterns: DOT, Line, Triangle, Parallelogram, Hexagon, Square
  • HiScan DOT/RF - The first scanning system that integrates CO2 fractional laser with bipolar RF energy source.
  • SmartTrack - Exclusive randomised fractional scanning algorithm to minimise local temperature increases.
  • Integrated protocols designed for Aesthetic Dermatology, Skin Surgery and other applications. An easy way to learn how to use such a complete system with so many functions.
  • Combining the benefits of a CO2 laser with bipolar RF source, SmartXide2 with the HiScan DOT/RF scanner offers surgeons wide range of applications and benefits.
  • More than 150 integrated protocols, upgradeable by USB.
  • Possibility of storing unlimited number of custom user’s protocols.


Skin Surgery

Pigmented and Vascular Lesions

CO2 - 10 600nm (40/60/80Watt)

Diode CW/PW – 980nm with Fibre



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