SmartXide² GYN

Especially recommended for
Colposcopy, Gynaecological Laparascopy


Unparalleled Power and Versatility:

The Accuracy of the CO2 Laser and the Flexibility of the Diode Laser

CO2 lasers are successfully used for the treatment of many female genital tract diseases with minimally invasive procedures. Laser procedures reduce surgical invasiveness and duration, morbidity, damage to surrounding tissue and ensure more rapid healing of patients with lower incidence of complications.

SmartXide2 – a multi-disciplinary system - is acknowledged for Absolute Precision and Control for the Most Advanced Gynaecological Surgery. DEKA paved the way for a new multidisciplinary, avant-garde laser system. SmartXide can operate in both the colposcopic and endoscopic fields, with a versatility that makes it the most advanced worldwide CO2 laser system.

Smartxide2 coupled with its dedicated accessories makes it possible to safely and effectively treat the majority of pathologies of the lower female genital tract. This surgery is minimally invasive and offers significant advantages over other techniques. SmartXide2 is especially suitable for laparoscopic surgery on critical areas such as those adjacent to the intestine, ureter and bladder.

DEKA innovative CO2 RF laser source with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology generates pulses especially designed for surgical applications (U-Pulses), and the use of lasers in total synergy with the HiScan Surgical and EndoScan scanning systems together with interaction with a micromanipulator with exclusive Hybrid technology.

PSD® technology ensures The Perfect Pulse for Every Application. The perfect pulse for the various gynaecological applications must be adjustable in order to ensure extremely high peak power and short duration needed to minimise thermal damage on tissue and to maximise the haemostatic effect on blood vessels.

Strong Points
  • The first RF CO2 laser system with the exclusive Pulse Shape Design technology.
  • Scanning systems, EndoScan and Hiscan Surgical for colposcopic and laparoscopic surgery.
  • 6 Scanning figures: lines, curves of a circle (and full circles), spirals, hexagons (with progressive and interlaced scanning), clover. The ability to produce different pulses shapes greatly expand the surgical capabilities of the SmartXide2 making it an effective, versatile and powerful system.
  • 2 selectable ablation mode: Depth and Power
  • EasySpot Hybrid offers exclusive technical advantages in microscopic surgery granting full control in areas requiring extreme precision and utmost accuracy.
  • Combining holographic lens and high reflectivity mirrors hybrid technology produces micro spots and the largest scanning figures in the market. The main scanning functions are microswitch-controlled by the joystick allowing the surgeon to operate without ever taking his eyes off the microscope.
  • Thanks to the remote control located on the joystick, all the main functions are under the surgeon’s direct control without ever taking his eyes off the microscope.


Gynaecological Laparoscopy


CO2 - 10 600nm

Diode CW/PW - 980nm



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