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Thoclor Hypochlorous Acid. HOCl Immune Solution safe for use on the skin. Fast & Effective Healing and a Strong disinfectant action against disease-forming bacteria, viruses and fungi.


What is HOCl?

Hypochlorous acid, or Hypochlorous solution HOCl is a naturally occurring product which is formed by the human white blood cells and is used by our bodies to fight infection and heal wounds. It plays a central role in our immunity and overall health.

The unique method of production of HOCl delivers a high quality and concentration of HOCl that is non-toxic, 100% pure and stable with impressive disinfection, anti-inflammatory and rapid wound healing properties. Whilst you may have never heard about Hypochlorous acid, your body makes it already, so it's perfect for a wide range of applications. Our products are completely safe to use - on children, during pregnancy, during breast feeding and even on pets.

HOCl is a disruptive force in curing infection and inflammation and thereby stimulates wound healing.

  • The only Hypochlorous (HOCl) solution perfectly aligned with the body.
  • A powerful disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and tissue healing solution.
  • Availability of HOCl is a powerful tool in aesthetic procedures.
  • Prevents complications, enhance results.
  • Incredible results.


Research shows the benefits of HOCl products are:

  • HOCl eliminates the risks of Hypochlorous solution ensures 100% control of all pathogens. It is 100 times stronger than traditional sanitizers, yet it is not cytotoxic (doesn’t damage healthy skin). It is also pH 5.5 perfectly aligned with the skin pH.
  • Strong disinfectant action against disease-forming bacteria, viruses and fungi. HOCl results in extremely rapid reduction of inflammation. The presence of inflammation means discomfort, swelling and pain for your child. Hypochlorous solution reduces inflammation extremely quickly meaning less pain and discomfort. This means the wounds heal on average 70% quicker because the inflammation is being controlled. Inflammation is a healing inhibitor.
    • Most powerful germ killer known.
    • Selective activity against disease-forming germs.
    • Effectively penetrates and destroys biofilms.
    • NOT damaging to new cells.
  • Reduction in inflammation (less redness, pain & swelling).
  • Significantly reduced healing time, up to 70% faster. Hypochlorous solution stimulates the rapid healing of the skin with much better collagen formation. It also means wounds heal without scarring.
  • Effective elimination of biofilm on contact.

What are the main effects of HOCl on the human body?

  • HOCl is the most powerful disinfectant against disease-forming microorganisms.
  • HOCl has a highly effective anti-inflammatory effect. Whenever it is applied to a wound, it reduces not only pain but also redness associated with inflammation and swelling.
  • HOCl is a potent wound healing agent. Wounds exposed to HOCl heal in a fraction of the time they take to heal without it.
  • HOCl destroys biofilm and therefore quickly kills pathogens that might be protected by the biofilm.
  • HOCl stops bleeding in an acute wound.
  • HOCl has powerful skin rejuvenation effects.

Storage and Handling of Thoclor Hypochlorous Acid Formulations

These instructions should be followed to ensure our product remains stable in the long-term and to guard against any change in the concentration (ppm), efficacy and purity of the Hypochlorous acid contents.

  • The product must not be exposed to sunlight or UV.  Protect Thoclor from light exposure at all times, as follows:
    • Do not decant the product from the container it is supplied in by Thoclor Labs.
    • Do not transport the product in direct sunlight.
  • Non-transparent packaging material is indicated to protect the stability of the contained Hypochlorous acid. The best type of packaging material is a coated glass (such as the bottle it comes in) as it has a high-density and is also inert (does not react with the contents).
  • Never add anything to the product or mix it with or into anything else. The Hypochlorous acid molecule is extremely fragile. This includes, but is not limited to, substances like fragrance, other disinfectants, surfactants, acids or bases, solvents, colourants, nutrients, plant material, metal, oil, minerals or any pesticide. If an ingredient or additive is to be added to the product this MUST first be verified and tested in our laboratory to verify that there is no impact to the stability of the HOCl in both the short and long term. Various tests may be required.
  • Our products are made for specific applications in specific concentrations. Do not use a product designed for a specific use for any another use.
  • Discard any unused product 3 months after opening the container or using the atomiser bottle.

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