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The Hitech Group brings the most revolutionary ophthalmology technologies for vision diagnostics, enhancement and correction to the Sub-Saharan market.


SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions is the world eye laser technology leader for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. Schwind develop, produce and market a comprehensive product portfolio for the treatment of vision defects and corneal diseases. This includes the innovative AMARIS excimer laser systems, diagnostic systems, and treatment planning tools for a uniquely wide scope of applications as well as ATOS Femtosecond Laser.


Meridian Medical manufactures lasers to treat sight threatening Retina, Cataract & Glaucoma eye conditions. MERIDIAN products consist of laser consoles, delivery devices, protection filters and consumable instrumentation, including laser probes and stand for highest precision, quality and durability treatments.


Tracey Technologies develops, manufactures and markets vision analysis and diagnostic equipment, including wavefront aberrometers for ophthalmologists, optometrists and other eye care professionals. Practitioners use the aberration information provided by the Tracey devices to test and treat their patients' vision.


b o n Optics has a full range of diagnostic devices: Autorefractors, Corneal Topography systems, a range of Slit Lamps - in their product portfolio. b o n Optics also supplies Examination Units and Instrument table.


Metrovision is a medical instrumentation company that develops, manufactures and markets specific solutions for measuring visual functions. Metrovision's products are used for the screening and diagnosis of diseases affecting the eye and the visual system. Metrovision specialises in instruments designed to be very multifunctional.


The Valon 5G photocoagulator is compact in size, easy to move and designed to fit the needs and budget of all kinds of clinics while maintaining all Valon’s unique technical features. 5G includes all the features of previous models and can be fitted to a wide range of slit lamps, both existing and new. Additionally, the design allows add on of LIO and endoprobes.

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