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Quanta System offers DIODE surgical lasers equipped with 532, 940, 980 and 1470nm wavelengths.

The Diode Series and their accessories are intended for open, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery dealing with incision, resection, ablation, vaporization and coagulation of soft tissues for different medical specialties.

Different medical specialties deal with different tissues, making the correct interaction between laser energy and targeted tissue a key point in surgical treatment. For this reason, Quanta System offers a wide and well-tailored choice of laser systems equipped with different wavelengths (532, 940, 980 and 1470nm) and power ranges (up to 30W). Different Wavelengths, different targets. Greater power enhances ablation/cutting speed of soft tissues.

Strong Points
  • Versatility - Different wavelengths target different chromophores, with 532nm being strongly absorbed by haemoglobin and 1470nm by water. 980nm radiation is absorbed by both chromophores, even if the absorption efficiency is lower compared to previously mentioned ones.
  • Easy to use -The intuitive user interface allows simple adjustment of settings.
  • Multiple tools - In order to enhance treatment versatility, our Diode systems can be used in combination with different fibre diameters and surgical handpieces with malleable cannula of different lengths.

Diode Laser equipped with different wavelengths (532, 940, 980 and 1470nm) and power ranges (up to 30W).


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