Hitech Lasers is the leading Southern African Laser supplier since 1974. Our innovative, reliable and high performance systems allow surgeons and practitioners to effectively treat a wide range of medical conditions.

In the General Surgery fields, laser systems are precious allies for surgeons in many procedures, from routine ENT procedures to operations such as gallstone lithotripsy and breast surgery, through to the more complex procedures of resection of liver, pancreas, intestine and lung tumours. The most advanced technology provides surgeons with a vast range of sources and wavelengths for cutting, cauterizing, vaporizing or removing tissue both in endoscopic and open surgeries.

Each wavelength has its own specific effect on the biological tissue. The combination of laser-tissue interaction, the transmission system that can be used and the laser operation parameters determine the overall final effect of the laser system during surgery.



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Hitech Lasers, as a member of The Hitech Group, has an established

proficiency as the leading Supplier of Laser Technologies in Southern Africa.

The family owned, South African registered company, celebrates:

Making a Difference since 1974.

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