DEKA’s advanced ENT laser systems ensure Absolute Precision and Control for the Most Advanced ENT Microsurgery.

CO2 lasers have been proven effective for treating a wide range of conditions in the field of ENT.
SmartXide2 ENT further enhances the well-known advantages of CO2 laser surgery. Its innovative RF CO2 laser source, featuring exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, generates pulses (U-Pulse) specifically designed for surgical applications, which operates in total synergy with the EasySpot Hybrid Hi-Scan micromanipulator and the surgical microscope.

The 30/50 Watt Diode laser allows to perform the innovative “ONESHOT” stapedotomy procedure that can also be performed through the theatre microscope with the CO2 laser scanned system. The diode laser is well known in ENT due to its user-friendliness and the benefits offered by a flexible fibre optic transmission system, especially for difficult areas like the nose and ears. SmartXide2 is highly recommended for otology. The energy density achieved with a small focused spot combined with high peak power and ultra-pulsed emission mode provides advanced performance in photoablation, especially when using the EasySpot Hybrid Hi-Scan micromanipulator and the surgical microscope.  The system has integrated protocols designed for ENT surgery.

Thanks to the microswitch located on top of the micromanipulator’s joystick, the surgeon can control all the main scanning functions without taking their eyes off the operating microscope. This allows perfect and precise control of cutting depth, shape and size of ablation figures.

The Smartxide2 system is unique, Versatile and Multi-disciplinary. A complete series of accessories can be adapted for use in a variety of applications.


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