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SmartXide² Trio platform is unique with CO2 with articulated arm, CO2 with hollow Fibre & 2 Diode laser wavelengths (940/980nm) with Fibre, ALL IN ONE SYSTEM.

SmartXide2 Trio: The Only Laser Platform for ENT is available in a 60W or an 80W model.

By combining Diode laser (a choice of 940 or 980nm) emission, CO2 articulated arm emission and the CO2 Fibre, DEKA developed an extremely versatile system that allows for unique results.

The DEKA SmartXide2 Trio CO2 laser system provides advanced multifunctional features for use in ENT, GYN, Neurosurgery and General Surgery procedures. SmartXide2 Trio is a unique Laser System endorsing both Arm and Fibre CO2 delivery plus optional Diode Laser source. Each system is equipped with dedicated hand-pieces as well as micromanipulator and scanners with Computer Pattern Generator for precise, high accuracy treatments.

DEKA innovative CO2 Ultrapulsed RF laser source provides users with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology able to generate specially designed pulses for surgical applications (S-pulse, D-pulse, H-pulse, U-pulse and the CW mode), and allows for total synergy with the EndoScan and HiScan Surgical robotic scanning systems.

With EasySpot Hybrid + HiScan Surgical the surgeon can take it easy.  Easy Control. Easy Filed. Easy Focus.

Strong Points

DEKA Scan-Assisted ENT laser microsurgery ensures:

  • Minimal thermal damage
  • No carbonisation
  • Control on cutting length ablation area, treatment depth and coagulation percentage.
  • 2 operative modes: “Depth” and “Power”
  • Software-guided procedure either for focalisation laser beam centration.
  • Diode and CO2 “ONS SHOT” stapedotomy

ENT Microsurgery

General Surgery

CO2 - 10 600nm (40/60/80Watt) RF excited

Diode CW/PW – 940/980nm with fibre (30/50Watt)


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