CO2 laser ENT microsurgery: the password is Mini-invasiveness.

The use of CO2 technology has considerably improved the performance of ENT microsurgery. CO2 is universally recognised as the gold standard for mini-invasive ear, nose and throat applications.

The technological evolution and ongoing scientific research carried out in the DEKA laboratories and highly specialised world centres have pushed the SmartXide2 design beyond the current use boundaries with a decisive impact on ENT laser technology.

With the SmartXide2 ENT the surgeon is assured of absolute precision and control for the most advanced microsurgery.


DEKA’s Gynaecology lasers utilizes an innovative combination of laser and RF energies to address vaginal health related conditions. MonaLisa Touch®, developed in 2009, was the first dedicated CO2 laser technology in Women’s Health.

MonaLisa Touch® performed by 2 DEKA systems – SmartXide2 V2LR and SmartXide Touch V2LR - is the best-known and most widespread laser procedure designed to treat Vulvo-Vaginal conditions. Issues related to gynaecological health are commonly seen in millions of postmenopausal women, breast cancer survivors and hysterectomized women. MonaLisa Touch® provides a unique solution for all women experiencing post-menopausal symptoms, without any of the adverse side effects caused by drug-based therapies. MonaLisa Touch® promotes the stimulation of new vaginal tissue growth, by triggering collagen production.

With the addition of SmartXide2 TRIO - a unique laser platform - to the family of SmartXide2 lasers, DEKA took the options and effectiveness of Gynaecological Surgery and Microsurgery to an unprecedented level.

SmartXide2 CO2 lasers are indicated for laser incision, excision, ablation, and/or vaporization of soft tissue in the pelvic and vaginal anatomies.


Laser technology has wide application in general surgery especially using the most advanced CO2 lasers with RF source, represents a new opportunity in General Surgery.

The DEKA SmartXide family of Laser systems provides advanced multifunctional features for use General Surgery but also in various specific surgical fields.

Each system is equipped with dedicated handpieces as well as micromanipulator and scanners with Computer Pattern Generator for precise, high accuracy treatments. DEKA’s innovative CO2 Ultrapulsed RF laser source also provides users with PSD® technology able to generate specially designed pulses for surgical applications. By proper selection of laser technical parameters (such as power, pulse shape, frequency and scanning features), physicians can induce different biological effects on tissues, ranging from precise cut and/or ablation to deep and effective stimulation of tissue regeneration.

The use of the advanced, highly reliable, safe and effective technology developed by DEKA, Italy present new opportunities to improve the quality of life and care for patients.


The possibility of performing precise and delicate vaporisation widens the potential range of applications of ablative lasers in Dermatology.

The SmartXide2 DOT/RF generates optimal pulses for multi-disciplinary applications, especially in aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery. This is the result of the development of RF CO2 laser source equipped with the exclusive proprietary PSD® technology that makes it possible to have the complete control of duration, energy and shape of each pulse.

With Smart-Pulse (SP), DEKAPulse or D-Pulse and HighPulse (HP) the user always has the best solution for all patient needs in skin treatments.

SmartXide2 corrects skin imperfections and countracts the effects of ageing. Radio Frequency enhances the effects of a CO2 treatment by remodelling tissue in-depth, toning flabbiness and stimulating fibroblast activity to produce new collagen.

HiScan DOT/RF scanning system can selectively reach all skin layers. HiScan DOT/RF is versatile, precise and safe technology.


Colposcopy is one of the routine diagnostic procedures performed by practical gynaecologists. Indications for a patient to undergo colposcopy include early detection of cancer, early detection of inflammatory and functional pathologies, and postoperative and follow-up controls. Its stereoscopic visualization capacities make the colposcope also a useful tool for dermatologists in diagnosing skin pathologies. Colposcopes are often used as a microscope in surgical laser and LEEP procedures.

A Leisegang colposcope is a great investment from a durability point of view, with even lamp replacement being unnecessary.


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