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SmartXide² V²LR

SmartXide2 comes with accessories that can be adapted for use in Gynaecology surgery and for V2LR (Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping).

SmartXide² with V²LR Configuration

- a Fractional CO2 Laser System for the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment

SmartXide² V²LR unique and exclusive features make it the optimal solution for GSM (Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause) and genital surgery (such as labioplasty, vaginal reshaping and clitoral unhooding).

The surgical approach in the treatment of vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation is just the latest step in the widespread use of CO2 laser in gynaecologic surgery. The CO2 lasers can precisely and effectively vaporize and coagulate the vaginal mucous membranes and the skin of the vulva at once because of its high affinity to the liquid content of these tissues. Furthermore, they provide the needed power for the appropriate surgery (especially in pulsed modes) and provide adequate surgical laser instruments. In particular, the surgical laser handpieces, which are able to focus the laser beam in small spots in order to vaporize tissue in fast and effective way.

SmartXide² V²LR is also the optimal solution for effective, painless treatment of atrophic vaginitis with no side effects, as well as for other stubborn conditions such as vaginal laxity, mild urinary incontinence or other sexual problems related to post-partum (MonaLisa Touch®).

Strong Points
    • Perfect laser-tissue interaction.

An exclusive pulse (D-Pulse) ensures maximum effectiveness without any side effects.

    • Quick and painless treatment.

The laser energy to the vaginal walls is provided in a non-continuous mode (DOT-Therapy): only a small percentage of vaginal tissue is directly affected by the laser.

    • Maximum patient adaptability.

The availability of different types of probes to address the specific clinical and/or anatomic needs of individual patients. 360° single use probe available.


Gynaecological procedures


CO2 - 10 600nm (40/60/80Watt) RF excited


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