Synchro QS4

- 4 wavelengths in 1 system.
  No colours can hold up!

Tattoo Removal - 4 wavelengths in 1 system. No colours can hold up!

Homogeneity in multicoloured tattoo treatment is synonymous with safety. Q-Switched laser for effectively treating each type of tattoo, colour and depth with no damage to surrounding area.

An important feature of Synchro QS4 is its exclusive square shape spot.

The square spot is the best one for reaching maximum efficacy in pigmented lesion and tattoo treatment because it allows to cover the whole area without overlapping and minimal untreated areas. This means that the removal process is as uniform as possible.

Strong Points
  • Synchro QS 4 can treat all benign pigmented lesions and ALL multicoloured tattoos.
  • 4 complementary wavelengths included in 1 system: 1064nm - 532nm - 585nm - 650nm
  • Spot sizes available: (2 x 2mm - 2.5 x 2.5mm - 4 x 4mm - 5.5 x 5.5mm - 6 x 6mm).
  • Thanks to the TOP-Hat Technology, fluence homogeneity is guaranteed on the whole spot area for an improved effectiveness and safety.
  • The exclusive square spot shape is used to avoid overlapping and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Thanks to the new frequency of 20Hz, Carbon Laser Peeling is performed homogeneously with no discrepancies to guarantee high quality, result and safety.

Tattoo Removal – Multi-Coloured

Benign Pigmented Lesions

Skin Tightening

Nd:YAG Dye QS - 585nm

Nd:YAG Dye QS - 650nm

Nd:YAG KTP QS -532nm

Nd:YAG QS - 1064nm

- Multi-coloured tattoo removal- Dermal and Epidermal pigmented lesions- Q-Switched Laser- Pulsed Dye lamp with RightLight™ Technology- TopHat technology- PIQo


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