Multispot laser:   Affordable, Versatile and Technologically Enhanced

The VALON MULTISPOT PHOTOCOAGULATOR is a continuation of the commitment of Valon to offer ophthalmologists premium solutions.

The Valon method of photocoagulation enables the ophthalmologists to make a complete PRP pro­cedure in six minutes. The industry standard galvo-scanner technology delivers patterns of shots in rapid succession and a complete pattern is delivered to the retina even faster than a single spot with other technologies. This increased efficiency leads to significant savings in time and money. A fast, safe, single session full PRP treatment is also less of a burden to the patient and the physician in terms of patient pain and compliance.

Unlike other lasers, the VALON multispot laser (532nm green laser) can be used both with a touch screen controlled graphical user interface (GUI) and with a jog wheel controller (Physical User Interface, PUI). These user interfaces provide complete control over all customary settings such as pulse duration, laser power, pattern selection and pattern size.

All critical para­meters can be controlled without removing your view of the patient’s fundus, vastly improving the user experience.

The VALON multispot laser is a versatile and customizable photocoagulator, it can even be attached to an existing slit lamp, saving valuable space.

VALON multispot is the fastest photocoagulator ever!

Valon TT  tabletop 532 or 577 short pulse Multispot laser

- integrated functionality


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