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The PTK-CAM module addresses therapeutic treatments. It supports round, elliptical and individual refraction-neutral ablation profiles.

The KPL (keratoplasty) option helps in planning safe and precise corneal transplants for patients for whom perforating keratoplasty is indicated.

The SCHWIND CAM PTK-CAM module supports treatments for corneal degeneration, dystrophy and erosion, as well as superficial and deep corneal scars. PTK-CAM is based on phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) and addresses superficial refractive-neutral ablation, as well as deep ablation for perforating laser-assisted keratoplasty with the KPL option.

Strong Points
  • Safe and precise planning of phototherapeutic corneal ablation, including penetrating keratoplasty (KPL).
  • Two offset options: PTK-CAM offers two positioning options for laser correction. Simultaneous use of both options ensures the highest possible precision, thus enabling exact, topographical correction of superficial scars.
  • Circular, elliptical or individualised: The PTK-CAM module can ablate the tissue in circular, elliptical or individualised shapes within a maximum diameter of 10 millimetres.
  • Two ablation types: The epithelium is removed manually, followed by laser ablation. Alternatively, the tissue can be ablated through the epithelium. With this option, TransPTK ensures optimal ablation.
  • The highest precision through refractive-neutral ablation.
  • Ablation depth: With KPL, corneas can be treated up to a maximum depth of 999 micrometres.

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