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Stressless. Touchless. The smoother way

The innovative SmartSurfACE eye lasering procedure is impressive and touch-free.

SmartSurfACE combines the advantages of touch-free TransPRK surface ablation method with innovative SmartPulse Technology.  Patients will experience a “wow” effect in their vision right after the treatment. Unlike with previous methods, the eye is not touched with any instrument. Instead, the SCHWIND AMARIS laser corrects vision through the top layers of the cornea, without suction, flap, or incision, and without the use of alcohol. SmartSurfACE is non-invasive, safe, gentle, and stress-free for the patient.

The healing process is faster and vision recovers sooner than with other surface treatments. And since SmartSurfACEis non-invasive, there is less stress on the cornea, and the potential for more biomechanical preservation and stability.

It is suitable for any laser candidate as well as patients with thin corneas, corneal pathologies or complex topographies. SmartSurfACE can also be combined with corneal collagen crosslinking.

Strong Points
  • Touchless: no suction, no flap, no incision.
  • Safe: high corneal stability.
  • Compensation for differences in tissue ablation
  • Fast: treatment in one step.
  • Better vision immediately following treatment.
  • Short healing process with very fast regeneration of the epithelium.
  • Excellent clinical results.
  • Economical: easy to use, time saving, low investment

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