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Schwind AMARIS® 500E is a fast, efficient and precise eye laser system for corneal surgery.

It offers all of this in a compact, space-saving package.

With its 500 Hz repetition rate and 5D eye tracking, the SCHWIND AMARIS 500E is a fast, efficient and precise eye laser system for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. The very fine 0.54mm laser spot it shares with all SCHWIND AMARIS lasers enhances the precision and smooth corneal modelling of this device.

The SCHWIND AMARIS family works with all common treatment methods. This includes SCHWIND’s innovative SmartSurfACE technology. SmartSurfACE combines the benefits of Touch-free TransPRK surface treatment with innovative SCHWIND SmartPulse technology. In TransPRK, vision is precisely corrected through the top layers of the cornea, gently and without touching the eye.

It works without suction, cut or incision. SmartPulse leaves the cornea surface smoother after lasering, accelerating the healing process. The patient experiences more comfortable treatment and faster recovery.

Strong Points
  • Very high patient safety and comfort through fast ablation of 2.0 seconds per dioptre.
  • Very high precision through 5D eye tracking.
  • Uniquely broad range of applications with SCHWIND CAM.
  • Safe, gentle, and touch-free treatment with SmartSurfACE.
  • Compact and space-saving.

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