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The COMBI WAVEFRONT ANALYZER integrates a whole range of unique functions and thus contributes to optimal surgical and diagnostic decision making.

Topograph, Scheimpflug camera and aberrometer, all in one. The system combines the functions offered by the SCHWIND PERAMIS and SCHWIND SIRIUS. The outstanding detail resolution provides the basis for extensive, particularly precise diagnostics with the COMBI WAVEFRONT ANALYZER. More than 5,632 analysis points and a resolution of 1µm provide the basis for the corneal wavefront. The aberrometer in the SCHWIND PERAMIS utilises the unique pyramid wavefront sensor to evaluate the ocular wavefront aberrations with up to 45,000 measuring points.

A unique feature of all SCHWIND diagnostic devices is the inclusion of static cyclotorsion control in all treatment methods using SCHWIND AMARIS.

Strong Points
  • 3-in-1 system combining topograph, aberrometer and Scheimpflug camera.
  • Placido topograph with 1µm resolution for high precision.
  • Aberrometer with three to six times higher resolution than the solutions commonly found on the market, for very high accuracy.
  • Scheimpflug camera for wide coverage, three-dimensional corneal analysis.
  • Enhanced safety through detailed pachymetry map and keratoconus screening.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of corneal thickness and wavefront data in a single step.
  • Static cyclotorsion information for more precise treatment results.
  • All diagnostic data at a glance.

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